Business Success Series (Part 1)

Business success happens when you can effectively and profitably draw the right customers or clients to you, right now.


This series is not just about a set of proven strategies. I want to teach you how to bridge the gap between meaningful work and more profits.

To do that, you will find instructions that allow you to clearly implement the proven ideas presented here.

So, for business success to happen, your business must be great at marketing.

Unless you have the ability to stand out from competing offers from other businesses selling and  pushing their ideas and brands into the marketplace, you have zero chance of surviving in this highly competitive world.

And if you are incapable of sustaining the attention of a fickle and fast-moving market, you can say goodbye to the huge opportunities in your market.

This business success series is designed to show you precisely how you can play to win the game of business and to give you a clear advantage.

Now, when you hear the word “advantage” chances are you think about a “competitive advantage”right?

Well listen, true enough you will get a competitive advantage.

However the advantage I want to make sure you get first is the advantage over yourself.

Sounds weird?

Well, I’ve found that in business the biggest barrier to business success is the business owners themselves.

So while we will be working on your business success, we will be working on you at the same time.

Regardless of the opportunities in your market and the potential of your business… you as the business owner you are the driver of results and the manager of your people and processes.

Therefor, your business can only be as stable, viable, profitable and successful as you give it permission to be.

And instead of letting you wade through countless amounts on drivel that is out there about the subject of business success, I already distilled for you the critical, profitable and proven principles that work and those that don’t.

So let me ask you.

How do you define “Business Success?”

There is really no right or wrong definition of business success. There are just different definitions.

What ever works for you to get you driven to achieve it.

So be it.

At the heart of business success (however you define it) is the ability to be a Rainmaker.

A Rainmaker is someone who can consistently and repeatedly create value in a marketplace that is so compelling that it rains down income and floods their business with profits.

When you can do that… you will have business success.

So let’s begin.

First thing I recommend you do is “Studying Business Success” …that means studying the best in business.

The principle of ‘the right marketing message for the right market’ is one of the most fundamental principles of business. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re operating in, whether you are service organization or you’re product driven… whether you selling B2B or B2C.

You must being using the right marketing message in the right markets.

While it’s an easy concept to grasp, it’s actually one of the fundamental flaws that causes many businesses to not succeed.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about marketing online with Facebook Ads, Google PPC, Banner Ads, Mobile Ads or doing offline marketing with direct mail, telesales, radio, TV, etc.

You need to connect to the audience that you are trying to reach if you want to grab their attention, tickle their interest, and convert their interest into sales and income.

This may sound complicated and cumbersome; especially if this is the first time you’ve heard about it. But basically, it is putting yourself in the shoes of your consumers and asking: what would make me spend my money on that which he/she is selling?

If you yourself can’t be convinced to part with your hard-earned money, then your product or service is not as well-thought as you may think.

Your product or service may be life-changing, however if you are not able to properly communicate it’s value to your market, then no only will your market miss out on its life-changing benefits, but your business will not find the success you desire… and deserve.

So let’s tackle this first.

The best way to learn about this process is to study successful companies and business leaders who have successfully done it already.

So to help us understand this matter further, let’s conduct a case study.

As I told you in the beginning of this installment. This business success series is about learning through implementation.

So along those lines, I have some business building homework for you.

Think now of a product or service that you consider as a marketing success, preferably within the same field or industry that your business is in.

Study the product/service’s main benefits, the way it is packaged and even the advertising positioning that the company uses.

Be very thorough and as detailed as possible.

If you need to conduct additional research, all the better; the company’s official website can actually give you a lot of material for this exercise.

You can also visit QuantCast to gather details about the company and it’s customers.

To help you capture your ideas and keep the organized to be used, I’ve created a special worksheet for you.

CLICK HERE to download your worksheet.

Once you complete that worksheet, I want you to consider the following process questions.

The purpose of these processing questions is to help you expand your strategic thinking and further leverage what you’ve learned and gathered from your research.


What characteristic(s) of the target market did the company capitalize on for their marketing efforts? Why do you think they focused on this particular one(s) instead of others?

Look at the demographic variables that the company did not capitalize on. If you were to be given the task to re-create, modify or re-package the product or service to better connect with those characteristics they ignored, how would you do so?

What other market (e.g. different age group, different generation etc.) is a potentially lucrative market for this product/ service? What makes you say so? What product/ service/marketing strategy should the company do to attract this other market?

In the next installment we will look at making sure you are targeting the right market.

Often times, a failure of business success is a failure to successfully target the right markets.

The right marketing message sent to the wrong market would be a disaster.

So stay tuned for the next lesson where we will tackle that issue of targeting your right market.

In the meantime click here to download your worksheet for today’s lesson.

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