Business Success Marketing Mindset (Part 4)

In this part of helping you business a Business Success System, we want to look at your Marketing MINDSET.

You should think about marketing every day, and at all times.

Making certain things a habit or mindset can produce returns sooner than you would expect ordinarily.

Marketing is not something that you think about only during your product launch.

If you want to draw the financial rewards from your efforts, you must think about marketing 24/7.

Make it a habit to read about trends, to contact prospective and current clients and leads, and even pick one or two different items from your personal checklist to concentrate on during a specific length of time.

Your marketing schedule should include activities such as, visiting a competitor’s website, writing a press release or composing an email sales letter, starting a direct mail campaign and designing an incentive campaign… just to name a few.

If you have a team of people or you outsource your marketing, then you must have a Marketing Huddle to discuss, assign and hold people accountable for results scheduled every week.

Planning is the key.

Study all your options and check which are most cost-effective.

And if you are a bit wary on investing a lot of time, money and effort on something that you are not yet familiar with, you can always begin work on a small scale.

Things You Could Try Out

Let’s have a brainstorming session. Sometimes the best way to get your creative juices going is to just start listing possibilities without analyzing first which would work and which wouldn’t.

So come up with as many ideas as you can!

What are the ways you can improve your marketing that you haven’t tried before?

What are the things that you should read about to get a better grasp of the trends? The marketing process? Your customers?

Who are the people you should consult/talk to? (Include customers, team members and field experts.)


Were you able to come up with many possibilities? It will also help to gather your team around for this process and solicit their ideas. If you have time, you can do some internet research.

Once you’re done, revisit the entire list that you made. Rank them in terms of the order in which you’d like to do them. Consider program effectiveness, resources needed and preference when deciding which you like the best.

Summarize your top 3’s below:

Creating Marketing Habits

Congratulations for successfully listing the things that you can do to improve your marketing.

Now the only thing to do is try to see if we can make all these things into marketing habits.

Remember that Powerteam Weekly Action Planner I gave you 2 weeks ago?

Now you can put that to use. If you need it again, you can download it here.

I would make 12 copies of these which would represent your schedule for the next 3 months or 12 weeks.

Your Weekly Preview

The Weekly Preview is all about setting yourself up to win by identifying high value activities, focusing on them, scheduling them and completing them.

In the “Important Notes/Reminders” section write down all the top 10 things that you can do in the coming week to improve your marketing.

Be sure to use the insights that you have from the above activity for your reference.

For example, you can make reading a particular business magazine a weekly Wednesday routine.

You can make every first Friday of the month your time for experimenting on your untried ways of improving your market.

You can make every Monday your “talk-to-a–customer” day.

Our objective is for you to develop at least one productive marketing habit every week.

The more you make marketing part of your daily ritual and schedule, the sooner it will become part of your mindset.

Make certain you go back to your list at the end of each week to see what habits you have successfully developed!

Okay now…

From the top 10 items you listed, pick the top 3 you are committed to doing and put those top 3 for the week in the “Major Focus Area For Next Week”

In the “Action Plan For The Week” section  write out the individual task required, who will do them and when they will be done by.

This is giving you the micro view on the task to make sure you follow-through on your top 3 you are committed to doing for the week.

Your Weekly Review

Your Weekly Review is about recapping your wins and challenges from the previous week and giving yourself a score based on the results your produced.

To do this, grab a fresh copy of the Powerteam Weekly Action Planner.

In the “Last Week’s Achievements” section right down the top 3 things you are most happy about that you achieved or made major progress on.

In the “Last Week’s Obstacles – Barriers To Success” section, make note of the #1 obstacle you battled with during the week. Also make note of how you dealt with it.

Now, is you go to the “Major Focus Area for Next Week” want to consider that obstacle. Has it it been handle? If not, do you have the strategy in place to handle it?

It’s also a good idea to anticipate any possible obstacles so you can incorporate contingency activities in your “Action Plan For Next Week.”

This single sheet of paper will provide you with focused effort, definable activities and measurable results.

So let’s get to it and I’ll see you back here next with the #1 thing you can do right now to have greater influence as a marketing leader in your industry and in your business.

So, see you next week as we continue building your own…

Business Success System!


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