Business Success – Lead with Enthusiasm (Part 5)

Last week in this business success series I gave you a simple process to help you execute with focused effort, definable activities and measurable results.

Unless you are operating by yourself, you will have a supporting cast to help you move forward with focused effort, definable activities and measurable results.

Your business success is built on the foundation of your business leadership skills.

When you think of your role as a leader or motivator for business success, think about how you help you will create phenomenal teamwork within your company.

A positive attitude on your part is a start.

It may seem simple to have a “positive attitude”, however this outward display of passion helps your ability to lead your team and it’s essential to your present business success and future progress.

Here are 5 key elements to consider that will impact your teams success:

  1. Shared values
  2. Mutual trust
  3. An inspired vision
  4. Complementary skills
  5. Rewards

My Enthusiasm to Lead for Business Success

Great marketers are those with energy and drive; that’s basic to success in business.

You have to believe in what you are offering, and you have to believe in yourself.

Why would anyone put their faith in what your offering and you should no confidence in it yourself?

When you meet someone that talks enthusiastically about anything from products to movies, and vacations to food… the enthusiasm is so contagious you can literally feel the transference of the feeling from them to you.

And that’s what you want within your team and it’s certainly what you want when communicating your marketing messages to your audience.

The great thing about enthusiasm is that it is infectious. Enthusiastic people are people whom you would want to hang out with.

More so, they are the people who can inspire you.

Thus, when you’ve managed to inject more positivity and optimism in your world just for having something to rave about, you create more success for yourself!

This success is not just in business but in your personal life as well.

So here’s what we’re going to do next.

Below are some personal assessment questions about enthusiasm.

Reflect on each one and give your responses in the space provided.

Define what enthusiasm is for you in behavioral terms (behavioral terms mean what you do and what others see in you when you are enthusiastic e.g. your voice is strong and firm, you go to work in time, etc.). How do you know when you are enthusiastic?

What are your top 3 main sources of enthusiasm?

Call up 3 people who know you personally. Ask them to rate your enthusiasm on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as the most enthusiastic. Ask them as well to describe your enthusiasm using three adjectives. Write their responses below.

What can you say about other people’s view of your enthusiasm? Do they reflect your personal view of yourself?

Business Success  Needs Team Enthusiasm

How you act as a motivator of others is also an important aspect of being enthusiastic.

A great marketer can sell not just products and services, but sell visions, sell the future and sell a totally different way of thinking, feeling, believing and living.

Think of three people in your business or in your life who in your opinion can use more doses of enthusiasm.

What can you do or say to get them all warmed up? Write your responses below:


Does your team have the 5 keys to success?

  1. Shared values
  2. Mutual Trust
  3. An Inspired Vision
  4. Complementary Skills
  5. Rewards

If yes, which ones do you have?

If not, what is keeping you from having the ones that are missing?

Overall, how would you rate yourself in your ability to motivate others? What works? What needs improvement?

Next week we will shift gears in an exciting and productive way with some rock solid tips on being a Rainmaker in your business.

So stay tuned for that.

Until then, be sure to complete the above exercises.

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